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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The 76th National Folk Festival is in full swing with performers playing, singing and dancing in stages all around downtown Greensboro.

The students at Weaver Academy got a special preview of one act. Leonardo Sandoval doesn’t play an instrument or sing but if you listen carefully, you may can hear the music even if when there isn’t any.

Sandoval is from Brazil and now lives in New York City. He travels all over sharing his style of the uniquely American dance.

“I started dancing when I was 6 and from the age 6 to 14 was just traveling around my country doing competitions and performances,” Sandoval told FOX8.

His style and flare have this crowd of artistically minded teens sitting up in their seats and his fancy footwork especially resonates eliciting cheers and applause throughout.

For Sandoval, performing here is more nerve wracking than when he’s on stage as he will be for the National Folk Festival this weekend.

“I’ve seen tap dancers and I do tap at my studio but it’s more like the broadway stuff so I’ve never seen his style of tap it was just a lot of fun like the rhythms he made,” said dance student Ella Kunane

Sandoval answered questions and shared his insight to the delight of the group right up until the time the bell rang to go home for the day and no one cared to rush away.