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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — The Verizon Innovative Learning Lab at East Forsyth Middle School is a public/ private partnership that will really pay off big for the students. 

The lab is one of two in the state.

It is fitted with the latest technology to enhance stem learning including virtual reality and augmented reality, to lessons in circuitry and coding and Lego engineering.

Brandon Buchanan is the school’s media coordinator and says the possibilities are endless.

“This is going to be amazing for our kids. It allows us to go so much further than what we were already doing with their original Verizon iPads and what they were capable of. And now we’re actually taking it and implementing it and really just expanding.”

With the virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, the students can take a tour of inside the human body or blood cells for biology. Or they can travel to other regions for Sociology or Geography.

There are multiple 3-D printers with programs that allow students to start with easier, introductory software and then advance to software that professional architects and engineers use. 

Principal Dossie Poteat sees the lab as a gathering place for the entire community that will pay off for years to come.  

“I see this as a space where our students that are here now and students that come in the future will always be able to come in and just get in and get excited about learning, to be involved and be able to build things and see things.” said Poteat.

The staff see the lab as a great way for students of today to learn.