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PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. — The drive-through window at Pleasant Garden Drug Store has been boarded up for three weeks.

It’s the same window where two thieves broke in Sept. 13.

“They were in and out in a matter of one minute and 15 seconds,” said owner Michael Johnston.

Altogether, Johnston says they stole about $12,000 dollars’ worth of drugs.

“Any small business that’s trying to survive, that’s a pretty big impact,” he said.

Johnston says his business has been broken into three times in the past eight years.

It’s a disturbing trend Guilford County sheriff’s deputies are trying to crack down on.

“We’ve had cash stolen,” Lt. John Henderson said. “We’ve had cellular phones stolen, we’ve had medication stolen.”

Henderson says eight homes and businesses were broken into in August in the Jamestown/Pleasant Garden area.

In September, that number nearly doubled to 15 break-ins.

“That’s definitely something that gets out attention,” Henderson said.

Deputies have been stepping up patrols, adding two to three squad cars to areas that have been hit.

They’re also patrolling by air.

“We even have an airplane and fly our airplane over residential areas to try and spot suspicious vehicles,” Henderson said.

While deputies have made some arrests, they’re urging businesses and homeowners to be alert.

“Always lock your doors, lock your windows,” he said. “Have an alarm system. Make sure it’s working.”

These are steps Johnston says he’s taken with security cameras, alarms and motion sensors already installed.

But even so, he plans to add more.

“Just do everything we can to try to secure the premises going forward,” Johnston said.