Stranger caught on camera ripping down American flag outside sports bar

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- A business-owner in Escondido, California is furious after seeing a stranger on surveillance video rip down the American flag in front of her building, KGTV reports.

The person then tossed her flag on the ground and walked away.

all along, Grand Avenue in downtown Escondido, American flags line the streets along with local faces of those who've served to protect it.

It's always been like this," said Lindsay Rochette, the owner of Pounder Sports Pub.

She's flown the flag for nearly 30 years.

"My dad used to be the owner. He was military... a believer in the united states," Rochette said. "Always had a flag at our house everywhere around us."

that's why she was furious when she saw the security video.

A man walking by her bar stopped at the flag, freed up a hand and blatantly ripped the flag down to the ground before walking away.

"Not only did he disrespect somebody else's property, he ripped down a flag. It's disgusting," Rochette said.

It's a disgust many shared.

An employee ran over and picked up the flag immediately.

Rochette hopes someone can identify the guy who ripped the flag down.

"Everybody has been upset and embarrassed that somebody in our city would do something like that," Rochette said.

So far, there's been no word on who the man who ripped the flag down might be.


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