Stolen mail, stolen identities investigated in Reidsville

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. — Some people in a Rockingham County community were surprised to get a letter from the post office last week saying their mail and identities might have been stolen.

“The attached mail piece(s) was recovered during a multi-agency criminal investigation regarding alleged mail theft and identity theft out of the Reidsville, NC Post Office,” the letter stated.

One woman told FOX8 her letter was attached to a stack of magazines from 2010. Another woman received coupons that should have been delivered last year.

Reidsville resident Gail Murphy got the letter last week and was very confused. Hers was not attached to any old mail.

“What the heck are they talking about? Nothing was attached. It says letter or letters… nothing was attached. So you don’t know if your mail was affected or not,” she explained.

In the note, Reidsville Postmaster Sylvia Bullins wrote they “regret any inconvenience this incident may have caused.”

Bullins was not permitted to give any additional details to FOX8.

Both the Office of the Inspector General and the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office are investigating. Neither agency could comment on who the suspect is; what, if any, role of employment he or she had at the post office; or how many identities were compromised.

Kevin Suthard, Public Information Officer with the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office, said they hoped to release more information soon.

Lance Norrington with the Office of the Inspector General said in an email, “At this time we have no comments to make regarding this matter. Once we do, I will be sure to contact you.”

The USPS letter was delivered to several people along Iron Works Road, but it’s unclear who else received it.

“It’s a scary thing. It is scary,” Murphy insisted. “I would just like some more information on this… We should have been informed way before now — when they first suspected something, not before they had to actually get into investigating it. So the people could be on guard for things that aren’t right.”

FOX8 will continue to follow this investigation.

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