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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The N.C. State Board of Elections voted 4-1 during a teleconference this morning to approve the Forsyth County Board of Elections’ majority plan for One Stop early voting.

Under the majority plan submitted by the Republican members of the county board, early voting for the May primary will be offered at the county elections office in downtown Winston-Salem, Kernersville Senior Center/Library, Rural Hall Library and Lewisville Library.

Fleming El-Amin, the Democratic member on the board, had submitted a separate plan to the state which called for sites at the county elections office, Lewisville Library and Carver School Road Library.

The state board majority sided with the county’s majority plan, taking into account the plan’s geographic spread of sites. While both plans offer more total hours than were offered in 2010, state Chairman Josh Howard said the majority plan has more sites and less overlap.

“I think it will be a good plan that makes voting more accessible for the voters of Forsyth County,” said state board member Paul Foley, a Republican from Winston-Salem.

During their discussion, the state board members referred to a letter from Susan Campbell, chairwoman of the Forsyth County Democratic Party, in which she argues that the majority plan satisfies a geographic requirement but does not account for population density.

She said it disenfranchises and suppresses minority voters, voters who live within the Winston-Salem city limits, voters who work during the day and those who depend on public transportation.

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