Standing water causes problems on Bicentennial Greenway

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Standing water on the Bicentennial Greenway is causing issues for people riding their bikes and walking their pets.

For years, Wayne has complained about the problems on the Bicentennial Greenway.

“I try to ride on those bricks there because the water splashes up in my face,” said Wayne, who did not want to give his last name.

But he won’t let it keep him from doing what he enjoys.

He says he rides on the Greenway multiple times a week.

Other people get stopped in their tracks.

“They can’t walk their dogs through that. They certainly can’t push a stroller through that,” Wayne said, referring a muddy 7-yard strip near Fleming Terrace road in Greensboro.

The strip is usually is full of water, especially on days after it rains.

“Just the other day, I was here. It was 6 inches of water here and the family couldn’t get through. They had to carry their kids across, so it’s very inconvenient,” Wayne said.

The city and county have made some improvements.

“They came in and out these little bricks on here–these little flag stones–then they put this white sign up,” Wayne said.

The sign cautions bikers but doesn’t fix the drainage issue, leaving joggers to get creative when the are is too soaked.

“It’s just a mess that’s all,” Wayne said.

A spokesperson with Guilford County Parks and Recreations told FOX8 the city and county parks departments are collaborating to evaluate the scope of the problem and what the response should be.

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