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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Spring is here and so are the bugs. Ants, stink bugs, carpenter bees and mosquitoes survived our cold winter and are emerging.

“We think sometimes a real cold freeze … kills a lot of the bugs,” said Frank Fowler, with McNeely Pest Control. “Actually a lot of the bugs use their fat reserve to survive the winter.”

Fowler says most calls to his office right now are for ants trying to get inside our home away from the warmth.

“You have to be very careful with what you use, because if you use a replant product that’s applied to the outside, the ants on the inside don’t want to go back out,” he said.

Residents are also calling dealing with stink bugs that Fowler says have actually been inside homes all winter.

“[Stink bugs] are waking up and trying to get back to the outside. Unfortunately they can’t find their way out.”

Fowler says a simple vacuum cleaner can suck up the bugs and allow you to release them outside.

Other pests include carpenter bees, the harmless bee with little to no sting, who drills into the wood of our homes and decks. The female will lay eggs and their offspring will emerge in the summer said Fowler.

“Usually, in the fall of the year is a great time to seal them … you can go in and apply an insecticidal dust and then seal the hole.” Fowler also suggests a fresh coat of paint or stain to help repel the bees from drilling to begin with.

Mosquitoes are also out and simply removing all standing water from around your home will help keep the pest away.