HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — People in one High Point neighborhood are tired of close calls with speeding cars using their street as a cut-through.

Theresa Corwin wanted two things when she moved to High Point.

“I wanted a rocking chair porch and be less than two miles from a hospital,” said Corwin, who lives on Ingleside Drive.

She got both of those things, but she got something else, too.

“I love to sit out here and watch the cars go by but not at 45, 50 miles an hour and running stop signs. It’s just scary to me,” Corwin said.

She hears cars flying through the intersection of Ingleside and Westover Drive every day.  

On Wednesday, our cameras caught several drivers rolling through stop signs and hitting speeds of almost 50 miles an hour in a 35-mile-per-hour zone.

“You can’t assume now when you come to a stop, and you look both ways that you can go because the person to your left or the person to your right may not stop at all, and that’s what scares me,” Corwin said.

The City of High Point installed a four-way stop a few years ago after a crash between two drivers when one of them missed the stop sign. It caused one of the cars to flip upside down in Corwin’s yard.

Neighbors say after the four-way stop was installed, things quieted down, but they worry people are returning to their old ways.

A few weeks ago, a car ended up in Corwin’s ditch after driving through the intersection without stopping.

“There’s no telling if that ditch didn’t stop him, how far up could he have gone,” Corwin said.

Neighbors think the addition of apartment complexes and housing developments in the area is leading to an increase in traffic. 

They also believe drivers use the road as a cut-through to avoid multiple stoplights on North Main Street between Hartley Drive and Highway 311.

Corwin loves her community and tells FOX8 she doesn’t want to see anyone else get hurt.

“It just scares me. I wish people would be more cautious,” Corwin said.

FOX8 reached out to the city leaders who tell us there are no formal plans to add traffic calming measures to the area. 

They added they are open to speaking with neighbors to see if the intersection warrants additional changes.