Special glasses allow Grimsley High student who is legally blind to see clearly for the first time

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A day at Grimsley High School is full of sounds. From lessons being taught in classrooms to students shuffling through the halls between classes and music coming from the chorus room

For Storm Hunter, those sounds are what makes up her high school experience. Storm is legally blind.

“Storm was born with septo-optic dysplasia,” her mother, Jennifer Coleman, explained. “Normal vision is 20 over 20, her vision is 20 over 650.”

“I can only see certain parts,” Storm said. “Whatever’s in the lower left part of my eye.”

Three years ago, Storm’s life changed when she tried on a pair of eSight glasses. eSight glasses use technology to transform what people are able to see.

“I never really saw the world as clear as I did when I had the glasses on,” Storm said. “So I was never the same.”

After years of waiting and saving money, Storm finally got her glasses on Thursday. Storm was finally able to see someone who she had wanted to see her whole life; her mother.

“I’ve always known that she was a beautiful person, but actually being able to see her and know that I was right about her being beautiful, it was very, it was a happy time for me,” Storm said.

Friday was a first day of school, of sorts, for Storm. It was the first time she went to school and was able to clearly see her friends and classmates. And her classmates made the day special for her by greeting her and congratulating her every chance they got.

“It was just so heartwarming to me, just to know that so many people actually do care. I just feel so loved and special,” she said.

Now that she has been given the gift of sight, she has a long list of things she can’t wait to see.

“Rainbows, butterflies for sure, and you know when it’s like stormy outside? I want to be able to see those kinds of clouds,” she said.

A new world, thanks to a new pair of glasses.

“They’re everything to me at this point, they are my eyes, they are going to help me see the world.”

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