MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The World’s Strongest Man competition kicked off in Myrtle Beach Wednesday, and while it won’t air on CBS until June, some of the contestants spoke with News13’s Maya Lockett about the mental and physical preparation it takes to compete.

The event’s organizers said they chose Myrtle Beach because it was a “beautiful location” to host the 46th installment of the event.

Over the next few days, the men competing will be pushed to their physical and mental limits. Some of the competitions include a loading race, pulling a car, lifting a deadlift machine and a kettlebell toss.

Bobby Thompson is one of 30 men from around the world participating in the event. He is representing the U.S.

Thompson said the mental part is the most important aspect for preparing for the competition.

“It’s about losing your mind the day before and then gaining control,” Thompson said. “The physical part, we don’t mind hurting ourselves.”

Contestants come from all over the world, including a Ukrainian competitor who was living in Ukraine and training during the Russian invasion.

Other contestants come from places like Australia, Africa and Europe, bringing their family, friends and fans to the Grand Strand.

“They are putting their bodies through hell but they are doing it in such a fun and competitive atmosphere that you just, you just love every second of it,” said Ryan Fiddle, a fan from Charlotte.

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and organizers said ticket sales thus far for the five-day event have exceeded expectations.

“We’ve seen this incredible fan base develop year over year,” said Rebecca Levin, vice president of IMG Media. “And then we really, you know, reached out via social and these guys have great platforms on their own, and so it’s been incredible to just watch this event blossom and really come into its own.”

The winner of the competition will be announced Sunday and will take home tens of thousands of dollars, on top of the “World’s Strongest Man” title.