CLINTON, S.C. (WSPA) – Four students have been expelled and a fraternity has been removed following an investigation into an incident that happened at a women’s lacrosse game at Presbyterian College in February.

School leaders said on February 11, a group yelled racist remarks at the Howard University women’s lacrosse team.

During the investigation, 31 people were interviewed including witnesses from PC and Howard University along with 11 alleged offenders.

Based on the evidence, a small number of students taunted members of the visiting Howard University women’s lacrosse team during pre-game warmups using racist, misogynistic, hateful, and otherwise inappropriate language and behaviors.

The evidence also revealed that some nearby students and staff took immediate, proactive measures to address the behaviors.

Presbyterian College has taken the following actions as a direct result of the incident and investigation:

  • Permanently separating four students from the college, effective May 5, 2022.
  • One student received a one-year suspension from PC.
  • Two students received probated suspensions and must complete educational programs and counseling.
  • Two students received penalties for alcohol-related policy violations.
  • PC determined that two students were not involved in any misconduct.

Additionally, some members of PC’s chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity participated in the Feb. 11 incident. Based on the fraternity’s involvement in the incident, PC has permanently removed the chapter from campus and eliminated any possibility of its reestablishment.

Presbyterian College released this statement following the investigation:

We are profoundly sorry for what our guests from Howard University experienced that day. Our hearts are heavy for them and for women and people of color throughout the PC community, many of whom felt less safe because of the actions of a select few. Standing together as a unified community, PC categorically condemns racism, misogyny, and hate, all of which have no place in civilized society and are anathema to our most deeply held institutional value.