STARTEX, S.C. (WSPA)- Inside the Startex Post Office you’ll find distinctive designs crafted on each mailbox, showcasing the building’s age. But on Friday morning residents were surprised to find the mailboxes had been damaged.

“We’re very saddened at the fact that the post office was vandalized,” said Chief David Green, Wellford Police. “Those mailboxes are very, very old and have a very unique look to them for the community, so please report any suspicious activity.”

Wellford police chief David Green said this is one of many recent crimes in his neighborhood that could have been reported sooner. He said if you witness these types of crimes, report them right away, so officers can respond quickly.

“We only have a few officers so the community is our biggest ally and we really rely on the community in solving crimes,” said Chief Green. “If it weren’t for the community we wouldn’t be able to do as much as we do.”

The residents who were impacted by this incident are being asked to call their banks and credit card providers to prevent their identity from being stolen. Stealing mail is a federal offense and the police department said that aspect of the investigation will be turned over.

“The crime we will be investigating is the vandalism to the mailboxes and the smaller municipal crimes,” said Chief Green. “The theft of the mail is a federal offense and we will be turning our investigation over to the postal inspectors and they will move forward with charging anybody with the federal offense.”  

The Wellford Police Department said if you have any information to contact them immediately.