Sonic to stamp college team logos on burger buns

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Sonic, the Oklahoma City-based chain of drive-in restaurants, announced on Wednesday plans to steam college football team logo onto burger burns — including deals with universities in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana USA Today reports.

Sonic hopes to appeal to local tastes by placing the logos on regional specific burgers, for example, an Oklahoma Sooner logo on their Sooner Brisket Cheeseburger.

According to the paper, the move comes at a time many fast-food chains are facing softening sales and must provide extra inventive to move products. For Sonic, which mostly relies on regional sales appeal, the bun logos are a bid to solidify local appeal and raise eyebrows.

“We’re a gathering spot in many smaller communities,” James O’Reilly, chief marketing officer at Sonic, told USA Today. “This will generate a lot of buzz.”

The stamp is made with tapioca starch and up to three USDA-approved food colorings. The logos are steamed onto the buns from wax paper just before the burgers are served. The steaming adds several seconds to the cooking process, O’Reilly said.

Also, the college football stamps will add upwards of a dime to the price of each burger because Sonic pays both licensing and royalty fees to the universities.

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