Some neighbors concerned about proposed development in north Greensboro


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Undeveloped land in north Greensboro is slated for a new sprawling development.

An area on the corner of Lake Brandt and Trosper roads is land that has been zoned for homes, an office building and commercial space.

The intersection already attracts a lot of traffic.

People living in the nearby communities are concerned with the added congestion, crowding the community, and the safety of their families.

They told FOX8 they’re not opposed to the development of the unused land necessarily, but they just want the right plan for their neighborhood.

A map was sent to neighbors in the mail on Wednesday afternoon. It shows a commercial space, office building, and up to 50 multi-family housing units.

All of it would be feet away from their own homes and just across the street from Jesse Warton Elementary School.

“This is a very unusual place to put a major development like this. This is a neighborhood and it’s a watershed,” Melinda Waegerle said.

For the last 20 years, Waegerle has enjoyed the trees and open space next to and across from her home.

Now, she’s learned her view will change. An office building and homes could become part of the new landscape.

“This could be condominiums, it could be apartments, it could be Section 8 housing, I have no idea,” Waegerle said.

There are so many unknowns.

“I don’t know what businesses are going in,” Carrie Rosario said. “There’s no strong guidance on what is being built.”

Rosario lives off of Trosper Road.

She also is worried about what is being build and the impact it could have on her neighborhood.

“I’m also concerned about the congestion. Not just people driving fast, but it’s also really hard to get out of here sometimes in the morning with the school traffic,” Rosario said.

FOX8 was outside of the elementary school during afternoon pickup on Thursday afternoon.

For about half an hour, it was bumper to bumper traffic stretching down Lake Brandt Road.

There’s also no stoplight to help with the traffic flow.

“If you add 50 residences, that’s potentially 50 cars or more and that’s going to make it even worse,” Rosario said.

While these neighbors know they can’t stop the unused land from being developed, they want things done right.

“We’ll need to gather our neighbors again, together, to make sure that things are being developed in a way that would be amenable to the kind of place we have, the space, and the appropriateness,” Waegerle said.

“It’s incumbent on [the developer and] us to work together to find a good scenario of what’s going to go there,” Rosario said.

There is a zoning commission meeting on April 19.

FOX8 is told many of the neighbors plan to attend the virtual meeting to get some of their questions answered.

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