Some neighbors concerned about Horse Pen Creek Road development

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The future of Horse Pen Creek Road will be decided Tuesday night.

An apartment complex, with about 400 units, is proposed to be built. But neighbors tell FOX8 that it just won’t work.

At the City Council meeting Tuesday, leaders will decide if the land can be rezoned to accommodate the new development. Many in the community hope it doesn’t go through.

“We’re just going to plead our case. We’ve been talking with Keystone, we’ve been talking to the City Council, “said Christine McGlynn, who lives in the neighborhood.

Popping up next to the construction on Horse Pen Creek Road are handwritten signs saying “Stop the Rezoning.” The signs refer to the land across the street from the neighborhoods on Horse Pen, including Saddle Creek, where McGlynn lives.

“We know something is going to go here, it’s not going to be empty forever. But it needs to be a good fit. It needs to have some fluency around it,” she adds. “Keystone Development is looking into putting in a really nice apartment complex, but one that is scaled and located in a place where it doesn’t fit in with the community.”

Right now, there are about 400 homes in the community across from where the development would be build.

Homeowners worry that with the proposed complex, the area will not be able to handle double the amount of traffic expected.

“Approximately the same number of units as there are homes that our neighborhood has,” said Donna Kabadi. “It’s going to double the impact on the intersection.”

Kabadi and McGlynn are just two of more than 150 people who are against the rezoning.

While the road widening project, currently underway, will take the stretch of road from one lane in each direction to two, they say the new development won’t help the traffic headaches.

“I know traffic will be worse,” McGlynn said. “I’m no expert but we drive these roads every day.”

They’re also concerned about the environmental impact.

“Paving all of this open land is going to have [an impact] in us and our watershed creeks,” she said.

The community isn’t against using the land to help grow Greensboro, but they believe it can be used in a way to serve the needs of the area, without causing more congestion and problems.

“We’re not opposed to the apartments. We’re opposed to the size, the density, and the possible traffic issues and environmental issues that will develop because of this project,” Kabadi said.

“I would like to see a smaller, scaled community, even of the same type,” McGlynn said. “It could be townhouses, it could be apartments, it could even be senior living, which is something we definitely need more of.”

FOX8 did reach out to three different staff members with Keystone Development throughout the day on Tuesday, via email and phone. As of airtime, there has not been a response.

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