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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. –  Some parents in Guilford County are upset over the recent decision to postpone the start of the fall athletic and marching band practice due to COVID-19 concerns. Originally,  the school district announced practices would start on Aug. 3 but that’s no longer happening. 

“It’s extremely frustrating and I don’t understand how is band camp dangerous, how is band rehearsal dangerous,” said Renea Myers, a GCS band parent. 

Myers told FOX8 over video chat her and her son felt like the rug was pulled from under them after the district made that announcement, especially since school leaders had already laid out a plan for band students to practice in a safe way. 

“I mean band kids they don’t share instruments they’re not up and in each other faces. They can do this safely.” said Myers. 

Scott Myers has a student who participates in band and he explained how the band officials had their plan laid out. 

“So the mellophones and trumpets were going to be together and they would practice two days a week and the other sections would also practice two days week,” said Myers, another GCS band parent. 

Renea also says band practice was something that could have been optional for those parents who didn’t feel like this was the best decision for their child. 

“I understand there were forms that parents could sign opting out there are liability release forms it seemed to me that they had all the boxes checked,” said Myers. 

The school district came to the decision based on the upward COVID-19 data and trends within the county. The school district believes this delay was in the best interest of the students. 

But band students like Nick Myers says he and other young musicians were looking forward to some sort of normalcy for the first time in a while.

“I think that it’s unfortunate that we’ve lost our ability to have band practices and be able to interact with our other band members,”  said Myers. 

FOX8 spoke with other parents over the phone Thursday evening who also disagreed with the district’s decision because they felt like could have come up with other solutions to still allow students to do what they love.