Some eligible Triad families still have not received stimulus payments


As lawmakers draw plans for a second stimulus payment, some eligible Triad families say they never received their first checks.

“At this point I started feeling like the stimulus was like a luck of the draw,” Darreka Scales said.

Scales spent months out of work due to COVID-19. She said a $1,200 payment could have helped with her bills, and caring for her four children.

“(It’s) not something you want to depend on, get your hopes up too high, then get let down. You can’t go tell your landlord, ‘Hey, hope they’re going to go send that stimulus check,’ that’s not going to stop them from turning your lights off or anything like that, so you’ve got to just move around it,” she said.

Scales made calls to the IRS and like several other families FOX8 spoke with, made calls to her local representative. She said it wasn’t clear why her payment was never received.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said this weekend a second round of checks could be coming in August, but Scales doesn’t think she’ll see one.

“What is it that we can do to make sure we are a part of it this time? Or if there’s something we did wrong we need to know about to prevent it from happening with the second stimulus check or anything like that,” she said.

FOX8 reached out to the IRS to see what families can do to make sure they are included in the second round of payments, an agent directed us to the agency website.

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