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KELLER, Texas — A Texas soldier who served nearly seven months in Afghanistan was able to return home early and surprise his kids at school on Wednesday.

Afraid he wouldn’t make it home in time for Thanksgiving, Air Force Master Sgt. Jeremy Freeman was able to plan a trip home two weeks early and surprise his family in the process, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

As Sgt. Freeman made his way around Timber Creek High School, he walked into the gym during a student pep rally. As he entered the doors, dressed in full uniform, his 16-year-old daughter Lauryn ran into his arms and embraced him. Seconds later, his 10-year-old son Stanley, who was also attending the high school rally, threw his stuff on the ground and ran into his father’s arms.

After the reunion, it was time for round two.

Sgt. Freeman left the school and headed to Trinity Springs Middle School, where his 13-year-old daughter Makenzie was playing basketball.

“She saw him and took off running and jumped into his arms,” said mother April Freeman.

Now that he’s home, the Freemans say they will enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner with family.