Soldier paralyzed after diving to save drowning girl

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A soldier is paralyzed after diving into the water off the coast of Florida to save a girl from drowning, according to WEAR3.

Sgt. 1st Class Tim Brumit dove into the stormy waters off Crab Island on July 25 to save a little girl.

Brumit said he heard screams that a girl was drowning and immediately jumped into action, despite others saying it was too dangerous to go in the water during a storm.

“They said don’t go in the water it’s storming, I dove,” Brumit told WEAR3. “My misjudgement was that the wave moved out of the way and turned into a foot of water probably, and soon as I went — I’m 6-foot-4 — so I went in the water, hit my head first and I’m like, ‘Oh I’m done.'”

His neck broke upon impact.

“As soon as I hit, I heard a crack, a crunch and I knew it was broken,” he told WEAR3. “I couldn’t move my hands or legs, and I was conscious, no pain at all. I was just like well if I don’t have anyone see this, I’m not getting out of the water, I tried my best.”

A fellow soldier was able to pull him out of the water, but Brumit was paralyzed when he arrived at the hospital.

The little girl was rescued as well.

Now, his whole family is standing by his side during this difficult time.

Brumit’s father, Randy Brumit stood by his bed and said, “What’s our motto, our family motto? What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve, right buddy?”

Brumit told WEAR3 that he isn’t worried about walking again and that he wouldn’t hesitate to dive into the water again to save that girl.

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