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ATLANTA — Chief Warrant Officer Veronica Davis has had some intense encounters while serving her country. But finally being able to meet her third grade pen pal was different.

Davis was deployed to Afghanistan on her third tour when she first received a letter from then 7-year-old Sofie Deck from Mahomet, Ill.

“To Veronica from Sofie, I hope you have a good Christmas. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving, do you like turkey?” read one of the letters.

Sophie started writing and Davis started writing back.

“My dearest Sofie, I bet you thought I forgot you… you have really impressed me with your writing,” read one of Davis’ responses.

“I will go to a new school next year. I am a little nervous but it will be fun. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for serving our country. Love, Sofie,” Sophia wrote.

Davis said Sophie’s letters provided a lone bright spot while passing the time in Afghanistan.

“Sofie’s letters are about everything that’s good. Life is good. Do you like turkey? It’s Christmas… she’s excited about puppies,” Davis said.

Eventually, Davis’ tour and the letters came to an end.

Davis was readjusting to civilian life when Sofie’s mom called and asked if her daughter could visit her in Atlanta and the two met.

Sophie has the words her best friend committed to memory – and heart.

“Take care little one. Continue to do great things. Make the world your canvas and paint joy everywhere. Love, Veronica.”