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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Snow and ice sits outside of businesses and apartment complexes in the Triad. But who is liable if a customer or tenant slips and hurts themselves?

Senior Attorney Janet Ward Black is a personal injury lawyer with Ward Black Law. Black says while a business or apartment complex is responsible for making efforts to clean the ice and snow, they aren’t necessarily liable if a customer or tenant hurts themselves.

“You need to make sure you pay attention to your feet,” Black said. “That you’re looking where you’re walking. Because in North Carolina, you do have that very difficult duty to be able to recover against somebody else who doesn’t clean their property well.”

Black says in North Carolina, in this specific situation, if you’re even 1 percent at fault or knowledgeable about the possible risk of injuring yourself, your chances of recovering expenses are hard.

“You have an obligation to look out for yourself,” Black said. “The great thing about the kind of lawyers we are, personal injury lawyers, and others in town who do that kind of work — almost every one of those kinds of law firms will talk to you for free and let you know whether or not you might have a claim.”