WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The company OpenAI released the program ChatGPT in November, and since then, the way it has been used has evolved.

Alexandria Allison is a certified professional life and leadership coach as well as a mom of three with a full-time job.

She’s using ChatGPT mostly on the social media side for her company known as the Be Authentic Academy.

With ChatGPT, she’s generating enough content for several weeks to engage her audience on social media; which, in turn, is leading to interest from new clients.

“Because we are in a social media world. So, you need to be posting on a blog, post it on Instagram, post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and I just couldn’t come up with the content,” she said.

She said ChatGPT gave her a marketing plan and ideas for content for several days.

According to the Washington Post, ChatGPT has replaced some jobs.