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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — When you step inside 3 Layers Cakery, you immediately feel right at home surrounded by the sweet aroma of cakes.

“Always loved baking cakes because my mom did it for years and years and years,” said Pamela Cager, Owner of 3 Layer Cakery.

Pamela opened 3 Layers Cakery almost a year ago. To her, that’s a milestone.

“It was just something in my blood per se, but I never thought about actually pursuing it as a career until I got laid off,” Pamela said.

There haven’t been as many people coming inside to get a look at these sweet treats, but Pamela says delivery requests have been coming in pretty regularly.

“That’s pretty steady, and then we started delivering. We were delivering whole cakes, but now we deliver a five slice minimum,” she said.

She was nervous about opening her first business in the beginning but now says she’s proud of everything she’s accomplished, especially given how different 2020 has been.

“It’s exciting to be able to maintain a business, a small business at that during the pandemic,” Pamela said.

She believes her gift won’t fade away.

“We hope to stay in business for a very long time,” Pamela said.

3 Layers Cakery is located at 521 North Liberty Street in Winston Salem.

The sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin spice cake will all be coming soon on a fall-flavored menu.