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LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) – Washing a dog gets messy.

They usually shake the water off their bodies as you rinse them. Some may try to run away wet, and plenty of them shed hair as you scrub them.

Fetch Dog Wash doesn’t care about any of that. We first stopped into the business in June of 2020.

It was just getting off the ground when the COVID-19 lockdown forced the business to close.

At the beginning of March 2022, Katherine Peters re-opened Fetch on West Center Street in Lexington.

“This is a great place. You can come wash your dog, spend time with them and learn about them and get out and look at really cute things too,” Peters said.

The business combines Peters’ love for dogs and retail.

“We have martingale collars, bandanas, collars, leashes. We have a couple of clothing items and a few random trinkets here,” Peters said.

Here’s how Fetch works:

You bring your dog, pick the bath you want for your four-legged friend then you shampoo, condition and dry your dog.

The price you pay gets you all the supplies you need.

“Washing their dog is no easy feat. So I love being the go-to to help people do that while we clean up,” Peters said.

In addition to keeping your home mess free, Peters also wants to create a community spot for you to stop by when you are in the neighborhood.

“Even if you don’t buy anything, even if you don’t use the bathtubs, just come out and look at everything and say ‘hey’ and let us meet your dog. We love dogs,” Peters said.

There are also monthly prices for unlimited visits to Fetch. You can find all the pricing and business hours here.