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Single mother of 4 says stranger ‘saved Christmas’ with $500 tip

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ELLSWORTH, Maine — A single mother of four says a stranger “saved Christmas” after she received a generous $500 tip while waitressing on Saturday, according to CBS News.

Trisha Murphy, of Maine, was working at a local Denny’s and was feeling overwhelmed after she received a $735 bill when her car was towed and she yet to finish her Christmas shopping.

While working, three men came into the restaurant and sat in her section.

“They all looked a little grungy and judging by their demeanor, I figured an average tip,” Murphy wrote on Facebook. “The older of the three kept asking me about Christmas. I just told him I’m in it for my kids, but besides that, I don’t really get into it all that much.”

When it was time to pay the check, Murphy says she was shocked to see that the man had left her a massive $500 tip on a $35.64 tab.

“The receipt printed and I almost collapsed! I looked up at this grungy looking man, my face as white as snow, and tears in my eyes. He just smiled again and said “Merry Christmas dear”, and almost danced out of the restaurant,” she wrote.

Murphy says she was so stunned by the act of kindness that she forgot to get his name, but credits the stranger for saving Christmas.

“He literally saved Christmas for my children and I,” Murphy told CBS News. “There are still genuinely good people in the world still. This man had never met me before, knew nothing about me, and did something that generous. I can’t even fathom it, still.”

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