Singing connects deaf cat to its owner


They say, “music calms the savage beast”, and while he may not be a savage, Clancy the cat has found comfort and an unusual bond with his person — through music.

Mahdee Rojo adopted her cat, Clancy, six years ago, but soon after adopting him, Mahdee noticed something wasn’t right.

“Most kitties, for example, when you run a vacuum cleaner, you drop a lid or something heavy, or a truck passes by… they startle, they run, they hide.  But he… he was unphased.”

Clancy also yowled constantly… day and night.  It turns out, he had lost his hearing.

Mahdee says, “One day I picked him up and started singing to him and he, just like now, he sank into me.”

Clancy calmed down immediately and seemed to fall right into sync with the music, adding his own chirps to the pauses in Mahdee’s songs.

“He responds to songs that have very strong vibration in my body.  So when I sing, you can see him sometimes bouncing up and down.”

Mahdee shared videos of their “duets” on TikTok and people sang their own praise.

“Looking back on those videos, and seeing the reaction from people, it shows how much we can accomplish with our pets if we take the time.”

Mahdee is working on her own recordings, with Clancy quietly sitting nearby.

You can see their videos on TicTok and Instagram.  Her handle on both social media platforms is @mahdeefinga.

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