Sica to face death penalty in murder of Jonesville police officer

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YADKINVILLE, N.C.— Scott Sica, the Florida man charged with murdering Jonesville Police officer Greg Martin in 1996, could face the death penalty if convicted of the crime a Yadkinville judge ruled on Wednesday.

Sica’s “Rule 24” hearing concluded after two days of testimony, most by Brian Whittaker, who is also charged with murder.

For the past two days, Whittaker has recounted the crime spree he, Sica and co-defendant Marc Oldroyd had days before the shooting death of Martin.

Whittaker says the trio planned to rob a nearby restaurant the night Martin pulled them over on I-77. Oldroyd was not with the two at the time of the shooting, he planned to meet them later. 

Whittaker says they had a bag with guns, money and masks inside their truck when Martin pulled them over.

As Officer Martin searched their truck, Whittaker says Sica pulled out a gun and shot at Martin eight or nine times then demanded they drive off.

Whittaker says a few days later the three went separate ways and never mentioned the shooting again.

Martin’s sister Melissa Blakely says hearing the details isn’t easy even though it happened so long ago.

“We’re living it again. We dealt with it for 16 years and we always hoped this moment would come but it’s just so many emotions.”

Now a father of two and a husband, Whittaker cried as he told the court the first time he told anyone what happened was last October when Federal Agents questioned him at his home. 

That was the first time Whittaker’s wife heard the story and she asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Whittaker says he replied, “Nobody should ever have to know anything like this, it’s hard enough to live with it.” 

All three men are being held without bond.

After finding out prosecutors could seek the death penalty against him, Sica was ordered back to court on June 6th. 

Whittaker’s next hearing is set for March 25th.

There is no word on when Oldroyd’s next hearing.

“I hate to see anybody get the death penalty but if he done it he needs it plain and simple,” Blakley said.


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