Shark fights Florida captain for fish

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — A YouTube video shows Captain Rob Gorta trying to get a hook out of a fish’s mouth when a giant hammerhead takes over, Bay News 9 reports.

“He just took it out of my hand,” Gorta said.

The hammerhead then tries to take off with the fish, but it’s still on the fishing line.

Captain Gorta, who lives in Florida, estimates that hammerhead shark to be 14-feet long and about 1,300 pounds.

He says he didn’t see the monster coming because he was focused on the hooked fish.

“I was gonna take out the hook. Well, all of a sudden, the hammerhead ripped the fish right out of my hands,” Gorta said.

He says the size of the fish prevented him from trying to save it from the jaws of the hammerhead.

“We don’t want to drag a fish that big in and risk getting knocked in the water where there’s a monster shark swimming around us, number one,” Gorta said. “And number two: it’s a state law that you cannot lift a tarpon over 40 inches out of the water.”

The giant shark circles the boat and patiently waits for Gorta to get the hook out.

Once the fish is released, you can see some splashing on the top of the water.

Under the surface, the shark swims away with the fish in its mouth, leaving behind scales in its wake.

“Just an incredible experience. I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life,” Gorta said.


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