Shared-use kitchen space could come to downtown High Point


HIGH POINT, N.C. — A new opportunity to help small business owners in the food industry could soon be coming to downtown High Point. 

City leaders are looking into opening a shared-use kitchen space.  

“A commercial shared-use kitchen is a commercial kitchen where folks can, for food trucks, prepare meals or other food products, they could rent a space at the commercial shared-use kitchen for a certain amount of time,” said Marshall Yandle, vice president of the High Point Economic Development Corporation.  

High Point city leaders say the special space would help those who’ve taken a hit during the coronavirus pandemic. 

In Wednesday’s city council meeting, Yandle said the rented space would benefit small business owners serving up your favorite meals. 

“If you think of folks who sell out of the farmer’s market or out of their homes, they could potentially maybe get an order from a large retailer. A lot of times that minimum order requirement, they can’t fulfill that at their house but the cost of acquiring commercial equipment is cost-prohibitive,” Yandle said. 

This is in the planning stages but local food truck owners like Shauntai Leach are already getting excited. Her Fresh Catch Seafood Shack has struggled a bit with sales since March. 

“We’re always looking for a prime location to park,” Leach said. 

The plan is for the shared-use kitchen to be built downtown. The exact location is still being decided. 

“Given that location and how they’re really trying to revitalize downtown, I think that would bring a lot of people out from the community. I think that would be great. I’m going to definitely look into it,” Leach said. 

Right now, there’s nothing like the shared space in High Point. 

“Now they’re looking at attracting what we need to do to try to get one in the city,” Yandle said. 

City leaders recently sent out a survey to get an idea of how much interest there is in the shared-use kitchen. FOX8 inquired about the feedback but have not heard back from anyone at this time. 

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