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YADKIN COUNTY, N.C. — Seniors in Yadkin County got vaccinated for COVID-19 over the weekend.

“Today, out of nowhere, got a text message and voicemail saying get here before 4 o’ clock,” said Leslie Henn, a Yadkin County resident.

The county health department contacted some people 75 and older after they filled out a vaccine form online.

After a few steps, a notification came through telling them when they could get the shot.

“I got the call. And at first, I thought ‘I don’t know’ because I wasn’t expecting it,” said Dianne Myers, a Yadkin County resident. 

Myers drove just 10 minutes to get vaccinated. She’s happy the vaccine was close by and says she didn’t have to wait too long for her opportunity.

“The line’s moving fast, and the shot was a joke. I didn’t even know I got it,” Myers said.

Getting the vaccine was also symbolic for some seniors. With a new year in mind, they say they don’t want to risk missing out on any more moments.

“Hope everyone gets vaccinated because really we’d like to get back to some resemblance of the normal life here soon,” said Keith Henn, a Yadkin County resident.

Those who got a vaccine will have to come back sometime at the end of the month to get their 2nd dose.

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