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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Millions of dollars have been spent on securing Guilford County Schools. But after a person was able to get into High Point Central High School on Wednesday, and stay for a couple of class periods, parents are now asking if that money was enough.

A representative from the school district tells FOX8 all of the money in the world could be spent on keeping everyone inside of the schools safe.

But someone inside the school, opening the door to an outsider, can defeat even the best security systems.

It’s still unclear how the young person was able to gain entry to the building.

“It should worry everybody. It should worry people. It should worry the principals. It should worry the lady at the front desk,” said Bryan Winter, a High Point Central parent.

“I was reflecting back to what occurred two years ago with the cafeteria shooting at Central,” added Caroline Kolbet, another parent.

Some High Point Central parents, like Kolbet and Winter, are still concerned with the safety of their children, after someone who didn’t go to the school, was able to get inside and stay for some time.

“By the third period, he was walking down the hallway and they found out he wasn’t a student there,” Winter said.

The spokesman for Guilford County Schools calls this a “prime example” of how the new safety system is supposed to work.

That system includes the new ONE ID swipe access program.

“If it’s such a perfect example, why did it occur in the third block? Why was he allowed to be in school all morning,” Kolbet said. “And not until third period was he recognized as not being a Central student.”

Kolbet says while the security upgrades are helpful, it’s not the perfect solution.

“Are kids actually scanning to get into the school? Do we have somebody who’s actually manning to let somebody in?” she said. “I know that I have witnessed students holding doors open and allowing other students and adults in. I’ve done it myself, where I’ve tested it and I’ve snuck in behind another person.”

Winter agrees and says there’s no replacement for maintaining vigilance.

“It’s just too strange to me to have two teachers not know they have a student there that’s never been there before, and it’s halfway through the year,” he said.

That person was identified and removed by the SRO.

FOX8 has asked people with the school district if attendance was taken during those two classes and if people are watching students swipe into the building.

As of air-time, FOX8 is still waiting for those answers.