Security camera captures bear walking around in Greensboro neighborhood

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s the time of year when bears are on the move.

On Friday, a bear sighting in Greensboro’s Sedgefield Lakes neighborhood was caught on home security cameras.

“I was sitting in my chair and I always look out the window to watch the birds come to the feeder and they weren’t there this morning,” Patricia Couture said.

So she looked outside to find out why.

“The pole had been bent. The feeder was in two parts and this is a squirrel-proof feeder,” Couture said.

At that moment, she knew something had to have come through her yard.

“The only thing that could do that amount of damage was a bear,” Couture said.

Home security cameras next door to Couture snapped this picture of a little black bear wandering around the backyard.

“We normally fill the bird feeder up and secure it with the top. It was full when we hung it up yesterday afternoon,” Couture said. “So he had a feast!”

No one heard the bear when it strolled through the yard around 4 a.m.

And Couture is convinced the bear will be back.

“I’d expect he’d be around again,” Couture said. “To my knowledge, we’ve never had a bear out here. We’ve had raccoons. We’ve had opossum. But not a bear.”

There was another bear sighting in Greensboro a few days before.

North Carolina wildlife experts say in the spring, young male bears leave their mothers in order to find new homes.

They ask that if anyone spots a bear, to just leave it alone.

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