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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — The kindness of everyday people is being honored with kindness.

“We are going to surprise Mrs. Londono with kindness, banners, cookies and love,” said Jen Sanders, who surprised teacher assistant Alicia Londono in front of her class at Speas Elementary. “This is someone special and powerful and makes a difference in our world.”

For the past month, Sanders and her friends, known as Tripp’s Heroes, have been honoring everyday heroes among us: from teachers to grocery store workers, police officers and staff at a local children’s hospital. 

“It’s brought a ton of joy for so many reasons,” said Sander, who started the group to continue the legacy of her late husband Tripp Sanders.

Celebrating everyday people who make our corner of the world a better place is one of the things Tripp did best.

“Anyone that would show kindness he would…give them a high five and encourage them,” she said. “He would love this.”

The group took recommendations from people in the community. 

This year, they began honoring recipients around Tripp’s birthday in April and plan to make it a yearly event in hopes of inspiring us all to celebrate kindness.

“If you are going about your day, and you have an option, choose kindness,” she said. 

You can learn more about Tripp’s Heroes on Facebook.