WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Pumpkin season doesn’t slow down when November rolls around.  All those Thanksgiving pumpkin pies are right around the corner.

For two decades now Bryan Hawks has been running Hawks Pumpkin Patch, which will soon take on Christmas trees.  But Hawks doesn’t consider his patch along Clemmonsville Road a business.

“Seeing the kids’ faces and hearing them laugh, hearing the Radio Flyer wheels, that’s the best part,” said Hawks, who started the pumpkin patch more than 20 years ago by accident. “I used to wholesale pumpkins and I had a customer who stuck me with a tractor-trailer load and my brother suggested I bring them here.”

At first, people thought it was a display and wouldn’t stop, so he started decorating.

“I got a lot of friends in the community,” he’s said. “They were strangers when I got here… and their kindness is what built this place.”

It’s now become a tradition for families and their kids.

“To see these kids grow up over the 22 years, that means the world to me,” he said.