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When Daniel Whittiker is outdoors, he is in his natural element.

“Being outside brings a lot of important features to my life, one of those is a sense of purpose, and to go on hikes and go and see parts of nature and try and remember that and bring that back for my own,” Whittiker says. “Experience is not enough, these days it’s really important to me, to bring something back to have other people enjoy as well.”

He does that through his photography — capturing images of just about everything he sees — day or night.

But a frame is one thing but a series of frames put together is something else.

“Once I have started gathering time lapses I pretty much became obsessed,” Dan says. “I can really see what the light is doing, what are the clouds doing. And how is it shifting and changing, and that gives me a real sense of knowledge and appreciation for what I was seeing and what I wasn’t able to see.”

A Piedmont native, Daniel says his home state offers unlimited photographic potential.

But him, this is truly a calling.