MOUNT AIRY, N.C. (WGHP) — Steve Fussell not only enjoys playing a guitar he can build them too. 

“My wife told me that I was obsessed with building guitars,” said Steve who started his obsession about 10 years ago. “I was not a woodworker so I thought it would be neat to learn.” 

A close friend introduced Steve to renowned luthier Gerald Anderson who passed down the love of the craft to him. Since then, Steve’s picked up the tempo building beautiful guitars by hand, and he says it all comes down to the wood. 

“Sometimes I make them just because the wood is beautiful,” he said. “I like to build beautiful guitars.”

Steve says his craft wouldn’t be possible without the people who taught him the art. 

“What I can do today is because of people who were willing to pass down their knowledge to me,” he said. “Without them I wouldn’t know what I’m doing.” 

You can find Steve Fussell and his work on Facebook.