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HIGH POINT, N.C.(WGHP) – Harry Love loves woodworking and introducing the craft to kids. From his home workshop to his church, he helps bridge it all for the smallest hands.

“I’ve had some say they’ve never used a hammer before,” said Love who first picked up a hammer in high school and taught himself out of necessity. “I was in the service with a little girl, and she outgrew her crib and I said…‘I need a bed.’”

He now makes beds for his grandkids, holiday creations, tree houses and swings including one for his wife of 55 years.

“We were childhood sweethearts,” he said.

But the sweetest part of sharing his talent is he gives most of it away to his church’s yearly bazaars.

“The kids one day may say ‘Harry gave that to me. I remember that,’” he said. “That brings me joy to know that I can do that for somebody…down the road, they may have an interest in it.”