Rockingham County woman’s identity stolen through her mail

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. — A Rockingham County woman says her mail and her identity were stolen more than a year ago and she is anxiously awaiting justice.

Janice Moore tells FOX8 she was one of the victims in a mail fraud investigation in Reidsville we first reported on last November.

Moore first realized something was wrong in May 2013. She noticed a credit card payment for more than a thousand dollars deducted from her the checking account she shared with her mother. But her mother died months before.

“The description said Chase E-pay so I called Chase card services and was finally able to learn that a credit card had been opened in my name using my identity, all my information. And then I further learned that three other credit cards had been opened in my name,” Moore explained.

It turned out that someone stole her identity, opened credit cards and then actually paid the credit card bills from the account she shared with her mother.

Moore couldn’t imagine how someone could have had so much access to private documents and later realized someone might be stealing from her mailbox.

After local and federal investigators got involved, Moore said everything started making sense. “He told me that it was the mail carrier and that they were living right up the road from me!”

FOX8 is not yet reporting the name of the mail carrier allegedly involved in the theft because she has not been indicted yet.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said there is not much information in the public record about this case yet.

Other federal agencies involved did not respond to requests for information. It’s unclear how long the thefts went on, or how many victims there are.
“I’m angry because this [person] has victimized and gotten away with these crimes long enough,” Moore added. “Hopefully [they] will be arrested and prosecuted soon.”

She also encourages her neighbors to continue monitoring their credit reports and bills.

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