Riders express frustration about changes to Greensboro Transit Authority bus routes

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro bus riders wanted changes. They hoped moving bus stops and altering routes would make things more convenient.

In August, the Greensboro Transit Authority announced the changes.

Months later, people are contacting FOX8 about some safety concerns.

Natasha Carroll and her kids are regular GTA bus riders. But lately, it’s been more difficult for them to get to their bus stop.

“There used to be one right across the street from our house. We could walk out and cross the street,” Carroll said. “But they changed the routes and took all the stops out from right there, so now we have to walk up to MLK to catch the bus.”

It’s those walks that have her, and other passengers, complaining.

“It’s a mile and a half to my bus stop every day. It’s really bad and I know some people are walking more than that,” Channing Gallimore said.

He says it’s not just the extra steps that are concerning, but the path he has to take to catch the bus.

“I cross Wendover Avenue. That’s like a four-lane highway and you gotta cross four lanes of traffic,” Gallimore said.

The bus stop and route changes were part of GTA’s plan to make the bus system more efficient.

“Every time you make a change using the same resources and not adding to service, it’s going to affect someone negatively. But we’re going to have to counter that with how many people’s lives it’s going to improve,” said Kevin Elwood, a spokesperson with GTA.

Elwood says they’ve seen some of the positives and buses are less crowded and are running more on time.

Unfortunately, he says GTA doesn’t have enough money to make everyone happy.

“Public transportation involves walking anyway. It’s just a matter of not everyone has the benefit of having a bus stop outside of their front door,” Elwood said.

But some bus riders are hoping for something more.

“I think there should be more bus stops period,” Gallimore said. “I think that’s the problem we’re having.”

“It’s a lot more complicated than when they had the other stops,” Carroll said.

Out of nearly four million passengers, GTA has only received about a dozen complaints about the changes.

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