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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Many people spend Memorial Day lounging by the pool or maybe at the beach but it’s important not to forget the reason for the holiday and the reason we’re free to do such things.

One Marine veteran spent two hours on Monday in a very visible location to send a very simple message about that freedom.

Skip Nix is a retired Division Fire Chief for the City of Greensboro, but before, he spent 35 years as a firefighter he did a six-year tour as a U.S Marine.

He decided to spend part of his Memorial Day on the very busy Wendover Avenue corridor, standing at attention, saluting.

Next to him a simple sign reading, “It’s Not Free.”

But it’s not money he’s asking for, though some stopped by with bottles of water, what Nix wants is for everyone to remember what the sign says.

“For those that have lost someone in war, Memorial Day is every day. We can’t forget the sacrifices not only these men and women have made but also the sacrifices the families at home make by losing their loved ones.”

Judging by car horn honks and hoots and hollers, message received.

“This restores my faith in people who love this country. So far not one negative comment. Nothing but positives. It brings back hope for me for this country,” Nix said. “Just remember the sacrifices that have been made.”