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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A section of Spring Garden Street in Downtown Greensboro is nearly unrecognizable now that the Fresh. Local. Good. food group has completed renovations of the Morehead Foundry multiplex.

The multiplex is a first for Greensboro and brings seven businesses to downtown, including two restaurants, a bakery/café, speakeasy, event venue, event rental company and catering company.

The building holds Four Flocks and Larder, a renegade-themed upscale restaurant that seats more than 260 inside plus a patio outside. Those dining will find chicken, turkey, duck and quail on the menu.

Next door is Revolution Burger, a fast casual restaurant where they are all about the beef. Burgers are 100 percent grass-fed and finished.

Fresh. Local. Good did not forget about dessert. Check out The Baker and the Bean for homemade cake, cookies, pies, ice cream and pastries.

There’s another businesses at the multiplex you won’t know about from the outside. ‘Hush’ is the speakeasy that has no signage, a secret door and a secret code that changes daily to get inside. Customers must be members to get inside and should expect a very exclusive and personalized experience.

The whole complex opens on Monday, November 21st.