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LAKE CONROE, Tex. — A visit to a restroom is usually a private thing, but some patrons at a southern Texas restaurant say that’s not the case.

Wolfie’s is defending its use of a security camera in its men’s restroom after a man discovered the surveillance device.  The camera is located directly above the bathroom door.

Patrick Winter says he was furious after spotting the camera, so he approached a manger.

“He basically just said he’d look into it and that’s as far as it went,” Winter said.

Legal analyst Joel Androphy says by recording “ongoings” in the men’s restroom — no matter the reason — the restaurant is breaking the law.

A Wolfie’s manager says they installed the device because people were trashing the restroom.  They say the camera is only pointed toward the sink.

A sign in the hallway of the restaurant now warns customers of the camera.

Sonia Azad has more in the video above.