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HIGH POINT, N.C. – A sign on a road just north of High Point is getting a few extra looks as officials experiment with a new way to keep people from stealing it.

Horneytown is a small spot on the map straddling the Forsyth, Davidson County lines. Its namesake road stretches about 2 and a half miles and the signs that tell people they’re on Horneytown Road disappear about every 60 days.

Davidson County 911 Director Terry Bailey says the sign is by far the most stolen road sign in the county with “Rolling Green” coming in a distant second.

Over the years, they’ve tried many methods to make it harder to steal, from concrete in the post holes to welding the bolts to the signs, to placing the signs seemingly out of reach.

The signs still vanish on a regular basis. Even today, there is no sign on the Forsyth County end.

Now the sign in Davidson County comes with a warning in the form of a secondary sign in blue telling would-be thieves that the signs are tracked by RFID and GPS.

It’s a serious thing for the people at the 911 center.

“The people that live around there, they know that street, they know that’s Horneytown Road but the motoring public that’s driving through may be coming out of High Point and may or may not know if they have something they need to report and that sign’s not there, it makes it much more difficult to be able to tell us where they’re at,” says Terry Bailey.

He hopes the warning on the sign serves as a deterrent.

“It’s a little frustrating but we know what it is and we just try to make sure the sign stays up the best we can,” Bailey says.

But just for safe measure, they have an extra sign ready to install if this one ever goes missing.