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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Startling sightings are popping up again in one Greensboro neighborhood.

FOX8 viewers say they’ve spotted a man, without clothes on, running through some popular trails.

It’s those same trails that had reports of a naked runner back in April 2019.

Since June 1, about five people have reported seeing a naked man near the Natty Greene and Palmetto Trails.

It’s a time when a lot of people are depending on getting outside.

Families are using these trails to take time outside and decompress from being stuck at home and working from home.

But now, some people say, this violated their sense of security.

Maiya Nakayama was running near her home, on the Natty Greene trail, when she saw him.

“I saw a man running up through the woods. It looked like he was naked, but I thought I was just imagining it,” she said.

Then he came closer.

“Shirt, shoes, no bottoms,” Nakayama said. “I was honestly just shocked. I thought I was going crazy because no one else was there to confirm that I saw it.”

But she wasn’t going crazy.

On the other side of the trail, Esther Leerkes says she saw the same man.

“[He was] completely naked, other than running shoes,” she said. “I will admit, I was looking him up and down, like sort of confirming… are you really naked? Not because I really wanted to see, but just because I was trying to assess the situation.”

She was alone and concerned for her safety.

“I didn’t have my cellphone on me, stupidly. I was scared,” Leerkes said. “I was trying to get a sense of, does he look violent? Does he look like he’s going to try to interact with me in any way?

Leerkes said from talking with her neighbors, she’s learned the naked runner has made several appearances during the first few days of June.

“And then about two days ago, I found out there was yet another sighting on another trail,” she said.

While no one has reported the man approaching them, Leerkes hasn’t felt comfortable coming back out on the trail by herself.

“As a woman out the on your own, you can’t help but to think, is this someone who is going to attack me? Or intend to hurt me in some way?” Leerkes said.

Greensboro police tell FOX8 they only had one report of a naked man running around the Lake Brandt area.

FOX8 also spoke with a representative from the city parks department, who said if anyone sees anything like this, they do need to report it to the police immediately.