Renters at Lexington apartment complex still waiting for security deposits after fire


LEXINGTON, N.C. — First, they lost their homes in a fire, now they’re worried they’ll lose their money.

This comes after a fire on Dec. 27, 2019, ruined the homes of 13 people at Fairview Village Apartments in Lexington.

The renters say it’s hard to get in touch with management.

FOX8 tried calling and knocking on doors with tenants and had no luck.

The property managers are scheduled to be on-site twice a week.

But the people living at Fairview Village apartments tell FOX8 that’s not always the case.

“I called nine times yesterday and then I called nine times the day before and then a few hours before the nine I called five times,” Colton Rogers said.

Rogers and his wife have not been back in their apartment since a fire left units with parts of the ceiling missing, visible water damage and a smell of chemicals lingering in the air.

“I called them the Monday after the fire so that would be like the 30th or the 31st, and asked them when someone would be in Lexington so I could speak to them about my security deposit and get that information and I was told nobody would be in the office until Thursday,” Rogers said.

Rogers says property managers promised they would receive their security deposit by Jan. 4.

And he is not the only still waiting for the money.

“I call, it’s just they’ll get back to me and they never do,” Courtney Tucker said.

Tucker lived above Rogers with her fiancé and three little girls.

“After all of this, we kind of hoped that they would put us in another three-bedroom apartment somewhere. They didn’t actually even talk to us that night. The manager didn’t talk to us at all,” Tucker said.

FOX8 tried to talk to them but no one was at the main office.

Shortly after the office was set to open, the door was locked and no one was inside.

“They always say that the manager’s not there or she’s with another client. She’s on the phone. Then we also email and I actually emailed her a couple days after this happened. She emailed me back saying the deposits should be sent to us the following week. That’s already passed. We have not received anything from them,” Tucker said.

Forty minutes after the office was supposed to open Thursday, a manager showed up. FOX8 walked into the office with a camera rolling and was told “no comment.”

No comment and still no answers about where the money is that renters say they are promised.

“If they’re going to move forward as a company they need to be better with communication,” Rogers said.

Fire investigators say none of the smoke detectors alerted the occupants that there was a fire. They believe an exposed wire in the right second-floor apartment started the fire.

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