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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Well before becoming a lieutenant with the Winston-Salem Police Department, Greg Dorn graduated from high school in Yadkin County and enlisted in the Army.

In 1992, he received orders to go overseas to Germany where he served as Army military police for three years. 

But he never saw combat. 

When he came back to North Carolina, he was hired by WSPD. Five years later, his life changed, just as the lives of all Americans changed when the 9/11 terror attacks occurred. 

He decided he needed to do something about it. After five years of trying, Dorn convinced his wife to let him join the Army National Guard.  

“All those images burning in my soul. The following years seeing 18, 19-year-old’s pictures on the nightly news of these young kids dying. And then hearing of people deploying two, three, four times to fight this war,” Dorn said. “I felt that every able-bodied man in this country should have volunteered.” 

In 2007, Dorn got a taste of the combat he felt he needed to see. By 2008, he’d seen more than enough.  

This is the story of his service, how he made his way home and how he remembers those who didn’t come back with him.