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On the outside, Cryshaunda Rorie was the picture of health.

She was constantly on the move, raising her daughter, working a full-time job, leading a dance ministry group and a women’s empowerment group.

However, she did all of that while battling pancreatic cancer.

“I was the first person in my family to deal with something as horrendous as cancer,” Rorie said.

She was diagnosed when she was 27.

“My daughter was six months old, and I was unfortunately also going through a divorce at that time. It was a lot. And everything that I had built from that point forward, I had no choice but to continue moving forward,” she said.

Rorie used her experience to help others through speaking engagements and writing the book “Confessions from Cancer: Know Your Role.”

“It’s really like a self-help book not only for the survivor but also those who will be in close contact to help them with the care,” she said.

That’s not the only message Rorie wants to share.

She’s an advocate for helping cancer survivors navigate the emotional challenges, particularly bringing awareness to how some struggle with PTSD.

As a cancer survivor, Rorie says the slightest health issue, including the common cold, can sometimes make a survivor assume the worst: that the cancer has returned.

Rorie doesn’t allow the emotional challenge to weigh her down. Instead, it has become a source of motivation.

“I really believe that when you’re going through sicknesses, whether it’s sickness or not, but something that’s tumultuous, you definitely have to continue to do the things that you were doing before,” she said. “You definitely have to continue to get up every day and continue on your day as if nothing has happened because those are the things that give you the joy, that give you the purpose, that give you the reason to continue to fight.”

Rorie’s cancer returned in 2019.

After six chemo treatments, she was cleared again as cancer free.

Rorie says it means a lot to be named one of the ‘Remarkable Women’ finalists for doing things she’s passionate about.

She was nominated by her mother.

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