GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — She is a mother, a wife, a leader, a comforter, a connector, an activist, the founder of a nonprofit, and, now, the winner of our Remarkable Women of the Triad contest for 2023.

Meet Dr. Irish Spencer, the founder of the non-profit Families Against Senseless Killings.

After the murder of her son, she decided to take on the task of helping mothers who have lost their children through acts of violence. She has partnered with law enforcement, politicians and local organizations to help with burials, cremations and legal red tape. She has been called on by the police department to talk to mothers as a mediator to help with the process of losing a child. She is relentless with politicians and law enforcement to address the problem of joblessness, training, housing and crime.

She is a remarkable woman because she does all of this out of her own pockets. Most mothers who lose young children to gun violence can’t afford burial or cremation. She has formed a group of citizens and others who help raise funds and awareness to help these mothers. She also helps find grief counselors who give of themselves free of charge. She has saved children from being taken from their mothers due to poor housing problems.

Dr. Spencer joined us in the FOX8 Studio on Friday morning to talk about the ways she contributes to our community and highlight the reasons that she was chosen as this year’s winner.

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