(WGHP) — Outdoor retailer REI announced that it won’t open for Black Friday anymore.

In a news release, the co-op said that they would now provide annual paid day off for employees to spend time outside instead of working on Black Friday.

This is called the Opt Outside movement, which started in 2015. This year they’ll make Opt Outside an ongoing, permanent benefit for their employees.

“Opt Outside has always been about prioritizing the experience of our employees—choosing the benefits of time outside over a day of consumption and sales,” said Eric Artz, President and CEO, REI Co-op. “When we first introduced this movement, it was considered revolutionary for a retail brand, but we felt it was the right thing to do for our members and employees. Making Opt Outside an annual observance will serve as a yearly reminder of this commitment to doing the right thing for the co-op community.”

From now on, all REI stores, distribution centers, activity centers, call centers and headquarters will close every Black Friday. Customers can order online, but the orders won’t be processed until the next day.

“In the years since Opt Outside was first introduced, the co-op has grown to 16,000 employees and 21.5 million members,” said Artz. “We’re a diverse and vibrant community that’s united by a shared love for time outside. That’s always going to be a constant for us—no matter the challenges we face. Opt Outside is an embodiment of our values.”